Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"A Fat Rant" rant

I'm in the process of becoming a certified Intuitive Eating Counselor (yay!), and while listening to one of the required recordings, this YouTube video was mentioned, so of course I had to watch it.  I found it pretty interesting, so I thought I would share.  Here it is:

Some parts (like the beginning, for example) are a little strange, but I'm loving the overall message-- your life isn't over just because you're not a size 0-6!  And don't let anyone tell you that it is!

Some of the comments posted about the video criticize it for basically promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.  But the woman in the video clearly states that she agrees that exercise and proper nutrition are important, but if you're already doing that and you're still overweight, then move on and accept yourself!

She makes a good point that the best way to stay thin forever is to choose 2 thin parents, or ideally 4 thin grandparents.  Obviously, none of us can actually choose the gene pool from which we emerge, so the only thing you can do is live within the confines of your genetic destiny.  You have to be aware of the things you can and cannot change, or else you will be fighting a losing battle your entire life, which is a miserable way to live.

I also appreciate that she mentions the statistics on diet success rates.  As she states in the video, 95-98% of people who lose weight from a diet regain every single pound within 3 years.  So, if pretty much everyone is failing at sustained weight loss, then why bother?  As she says, "Success is practically a freak occurrence!"

I'm not encouraging people to go out and get fat.  But if you don't have what society considers to be an ideal body size, realize that much of this is outside of your control.  If you're eating a balanced diet (which means a variety of foods, including "play foods" every now and then), staying active, eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full, then it might be time to simply love and accept the body you've been given.  Life should not be put on hold until that "one day" when you're suddenly thin.  Live life in your here and now body!